Poker, poker, poker… for those who love to hear these five letter combination – this is the right direction. The poker game is a game of luck, bluff and a little bit of strategy. There are many variations of the poker games, so hunt your best casino that will offer the right games for your taste.

Poker is one of the most popular casino table and card games. It’s a game that has been played for the years just with different names and interpretation. The Poker as we know it now became famous in 1830 in the USA, and that’s how the story about this casino started. It was spread and favourite game in most gambling places. One of the reasons why people liked this casino game was the chance to bluff. The thought that you can bluff and win with it seemed so exciting and interesting that players chose this game more and more over all other games.

So how does the poker game is played?
Beginners of the poker players say that its a game of luck cause you don’t know what kind of cards you will get when you get them and if you will be able to beat your opponent, but those professional poker players have a different opinion. They consider that poker is a game of skill, strategy and experience.
The game starts with card-handouts. Every player receives two cards that are visible only for the player by its own. On the table is three cards that are inverted and the card stack. The first step after receiving the cards is stakes or bets. You make a bet and take up the card after that one of the cards of the table is opened and you can see if you have some combination or not. The game continues like this until the players open up their cards and look at the combinations. The player with the strongest combination wins.
Every player has a chance to quit the game if he thinks that he can’t win. That’s called tap out. It can be done at any time.

As mentioned before, poker is based on ten combinations:

#The strongest combination is a ROYAL FLUSH. This combination consists of cards: Ace, King, Queen, Jack and card with a value 10. But pay attention to card suits – all cards need to be from one suit!

#The next card combination right after the Royal Flush is STRAIGHT FLUSH. The combination counts if you have five cards from one suit and they are in sequential order (From the higher to lowest).

#After that follows the combination that’s called KICKER or FOUR OF A KIND. To get this combination, the player must have four cards at the same value without matching suits.

#Another combination is FULL HOUSE. Here you have to make like two combinations in one – three cards with the same amount and other two cards with the same amount between them. The suit is not essential.

#After a Full House comes FLUSH. Unlike other combinations where quite important is card value, here important is a suit, not value. All five cards must be from one suit, and the value doesn’t matter.

#The combination called STRAIGHT is the next one. It consists of five cards that must be in sequential order. Here the card suit doesn’t need to match.

#One of the last lowest combinations is THREE OF A KIND. To make this composition player must have three same value cards and two separate cards. For this combination, the suit doesn’t matter.

#After Three of a kind follows TWO PAIR. This combination counts if the player has two cards with the same card value and other two cards with another card value that is the same.

#The last valuable combination is ONE PAIR where only two cards must be with the same card value.

#The combination that is not worth anything and proves that you don’t have any of the before mentioned combinations is HIGH CARD.



!!! Between all of these combinations, there is one where card Ace can function as the highest or the lowest card. The combination is STRAIGHT. !!!