Privacy Privacy Policy explains the stream of collected, used and published information on our site.
All the personal information that we may collect from the visitors to our site is used only for exact problem identifying, correct response supplying and improvements for the site.

Information that we may collect from visitors that use our site:
  • IP address and device
  • Visitor chosen options on our site
  • Person name and e-mail (only in cases when a visitor fills our Contact Us form)
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Even published information is considered as safe and secure – we may not have full control of situations like misuse, loss or alteration.

THIRD-PARTY LINKS AND COOKIES contains background information and third-party links to other websites. In this case, we are not responsible for any choices, actions or damages that may happen in time when is used the third-party link.
Our terms of use and Privacy Policy doesn’t apply for Third-party links. Links that are provided by our website have their own terms of use, and don’t have any influence or control over them.
We use cookies to collect the information about the users IP address, used devices and choices on our page. Cookies are used only for purposes to improve our site.

  • Gambling officially is allowed from the age of 18
  • Gambling is regulated by different laws in several countries and territories
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