Hunt the numbers

Hey Hunter! Almost everywhere the main casino games that have been mentioned and talked out are slots, table and card games, but what about lotteries, keno, bingo and scratch games? These game types don’t dominate as often as other, so we want to change something and introduce you with a short informative article about them.

Many players say that lotteries are not that popular. It’s true, but some part of gamblers still like to play them. Maybe it’s because it’s a real game of luck without any special skills needed. Its fast, fun and can bring a big win!

Let’s start with Bingo – a lottery game with cards and numbers. Time ago it was one of the favourite gambling games that people played with a trust that one day they will bring out the big winning. As time goes and technologies developed this kind of game became available also on the network. There is plenty of sites where is offered Bingo games and even in online casinos. The Bingo is a simple game with a card with numbers. To play this game player has a chance to choose between choosing the numbers by itself or make it automatically. Once is done, the machine with numbered balls starts to spinning and one by one the numbered balls are given out. The chances to win are several – vertical, horizontal, diagonal, etc. The player wins if the given ball numbers match with a strike off numbers on the card.

The number of numbers can be different for each Bingo variation.
By playing Bingo online the card is given automatically by the software, but if players don’t like the card, they have a chance to select a new one. On online bingo, there is also a chance to strike off the numbers by yourself or choose the software to do it. Playing bingo in land-based casino or studio, players must be resourceful, cause if their number match they have to be the first one that calls out “Bingo!” to get the winning. In online bingo, it’s more profitable and easier, cause the winning is fixed automatically and the players can’t miss their winnings.

The next game that we want to tell you about is Keno. That’s a game which can be either loved or hated. Sounds awful, but it’s true. Some players can spend a lot of time playing keno while some players don’t even understand what can be so exciting in such a boring game.
Keno is another lottery game that often is called as guessing the numbers game. The players must guess the numbers that will be thrown out by the keno machine. In total, usually, keno has 80 numbers.
So how does the game happens?
The first thing that players must to do is to pick the wager amount.
After you select your lucky numbers – you can choose how many numbers you like with a maximum of 15.
When the wager and numbers are set, click the “Play” button and wait for the results!
The keno machine will start to throw all the balls, and one by one shoot them out. In total, there will be shot out 20 winning keno balls. If the shooted ball matches with your selected number, you have a “hit”. If you get enough Hits, you win the keno.

By looking further, the last game we want you to introduce is scratch cards. These are instant win games that work by random number generators to determine the winnings. These games are well-known lottery types with a card with hidden symbols that need to match. When you buy it, you can’t see the symbols, and that’s why you have to scratch the coverage until you see the symbols. The standard scratch cards consist of three lines with three squares. If the players after scratching have three same symbols, then they win a prize. That’s the scratch card standard and the simplest way which is also offered online. But there is also a different way of scratch cards and their prizes. For some scratch cards, there is also a small window with the multiplier that might increase the winning. In online casinos, more common gets scratch cards with bonus rounds for other casino games like slots.
But how to get more chances to win?
There is no recipe for winning in scratch cards, cause basically, it’s a game of luck, but there are few things that you can take in mind. If you play the scratch cards for fun and without desire for big wins, then play the ones which might seem impressive for you by the theme and exciting bonuses, that may help you on other casino games like slots. But if you want to take the big win, then concentrate on the standard, classic scratch cards with three lines, cause there the winnings is tended on money, not on bonuses and other distractions.

That was a short introduction and reminding that without slots and table games there are also other exciting games that may interest you to try them out!

Good luck with hunting and don’t forget that:

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm!”
/Bear Grylls/